About Pearson South Africa

At Pearson, we are passionate about making change happen on a global scale. Each year we help more than 75 million people embrace their passion and ambition for learning new skills. In a fast-changing world, education is the key to success. For many people, learning is the route to a job to support their family or the skills to help them make progress in their career. For others, it’s simply a lifelong passion for discovery. For every learner, at every stage of their life, education is the path to opportunity and fulfilment. Our world-class tools, content, products, and services are designed to help people adapt to our changing world, navigate its challenges and opportunities, and ultimately make progress in their lives. We’re here to keep the whole world learning. Because where learning flourishes, so do people.

The Pearson Professional Difference: Global Education, Engagement, Networking and Progression

With Pearson Professional South Africa, you are providing yourself with an education that is not only recognized globally, but also one that connects you to a global network. We have worked with educators to design a Learner Journey that is centered on the student’s success from start to finish. This is our Engage.Network.Progress model which provides meaningful engagement through online and blended curriculum to your peers and instructors. Learners are coached to build strong connections with each other, their instructors, industry thought leaders, as well as Pearson Professional alumni. Our programmes offer either online or in-person learning opportunities that not only give you a sense of community, but also the confidence that both your instructors and peers will support you throughout the programme. Additionally, we provide a Career Progression Series that is blended with outstanding content from edX’s top university partner programs to give you the competencies most in demand by employers. Upon completion of the Pearson Professional programmes, you will earn a digital badge that can be shared on LinkedIn™, through email or a variety of other prominent social media platforms.