Digital Transformation Strategy


Want to be the leader with the winning business strategy for the digital future?

Ambitious digital-driven startups are creating and cornering new markets in every sector. And yet, most legacy businesses continue to operate by old playbooks. Most are not keeping pace with the changes in their industry, let alone leading the way―what are you and your company doing?

In this course, part of the Digital Leadership MicroMasters® program, you will understand the three types of players that are shaping the new business landscape; the three phases of transformationthat every firm will encounter on its journey to business reinvention; and the three winning movesthat will ensure your business success along the way.

With current case studies and practical experience-based advice, learn how to rethink traditional business models from the outside in, assemble the right team for the journey ahead, and make bold strategic choices along the three phases of digital transformation.

Taught by a professor with expertise at the intersection of business and digital strategies, this course will equip managers to step up to play important roles during the digital transformation processes within companies. Chances are that the company where you work now is engaging in some digital transformation activities and this course will provide you with skills and perspectives to play pivotal roles and guide your company.

Undergraduate business education
Exposure to business strategy concepts 

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  • Programme duration
    6 weeks
  • Estimated effort
    4 to 6 hours per week
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What you'll learn
•    Learn to navigate the world of digital ecosystems.
•    Understand the collision between traditional and digital business models and how to reinvent your business for future success. 
•    Discover ways of competing and collaborating with other companies to create and capture value.
•    Realise how powerful machines can amplify your company’s human talent.
•    Learn to assemble the team to experiment with new ideas, re-examine your core beliefs, and reinvent your business rulebook for the digital future.

Arlene Lanser

Pearson Student Advisor

N. Venkat Venkatraman

David J. McGrath Jr. Professor in Management at Boston University