Cybersecurity MicroMasters® Capstone Exercise


The Cybersecurity MicroMasters® Capstone Exercise is specifically designed to provide a platform for verified learners to practice the hands-on cybersecurity skills and techniques studied in the courses of the RITx Cybersecurity MicroMasters® programme. It also includes the evaluation of the competencies and performance tasks that enable professional cybersecurity success.

Before enrolling in the Cybersecurity Capstone, you must successfully complete and pass the four courses in the RITx Cybersecurity MicroMasters® programme as a verified learner. Upon successful completion of the Cybersecurity Capstone, you will receive the Cybersecurity MicroMasters® certificate. 

During the Cybersecurity Capstone, you will perform a set of hands-on lab exercises in a web-based virtual environment. Below are the requirements to successfully access the virtual environment:

  • A modern web browser with Javascript enabled (recent Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox)
  • A desktop or laptop computer with a webcam
  • Minimal network latency to RIT's Main Campus (200ms or less). To test latency, ping or

The areas of hands-on lab activities include, but are not limited to:

  • basic systems and network services such as firewall, DNS, DHCP, Wireshark
  • digital forensics investigation with tools such as Encase, FTK, and Volatility Framework
  • network security related tools such as port scanning, Snort, and Metasploit, etc.

This course is part of RITx’s Cybersecurity MicroMasters® Programme, offered through the edX® platform.

The lab activities will be assessed by sets of questions, lab reports, and a proctored exam using the edX platform.

Successful completion of the verified track of:

  • CYBER501x
  • CYBER502x
  • CYBER503x
  • CYBER504x

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This course forms part of the Cybersecurity MicroMasters® Programme which, includes the following courses:

Cybersecurity Fundamentals
Learn cybersecurity fundamentals, including how to detect threats, protect systems and networks, and anticipate potential cyber attacks.
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Cybersecurity Risk Management
Learn key principles of risk analysis, risk assessment and risk mitigation for information security using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.
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Computer Forensics
Learn the process, techniques and tools for performing a digital forensics investigation to obtain data related to computer crimes.
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Network Security
Learn the process of network security, including intrusion detection, evidence collection, network auditing, and contingency planning against attacks.
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Cybersecurity Capstone
Demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired in the Cybersecurity MicroMasters Program.
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  • Programme duration
    8 weeks
  • Estimated effort
    10 to 12 hours per week
  • Fee
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The Cybersecurity Capstone is a practice of hands-on skills and an assessment of various knowledge attained through the Cybersecurity MicroMasters® programme which includes:

  • implementing solutions to secure computer systems and networks
  • performing digital forensic investigations of real world cases
  • detecting and investigating network intrusions