Best Practices for Project Management Success

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Learn how to create an organisational environment that supports project success. Project management plays a key role in supporting a business’ success.

In this project management course, you will learn what’s required from an organisation for projects to excel.

You will learn how to turn project management principles and theory into practice.

The course will cover:

  • Project management methods and best practices
  • Project portfolio management
  • The project management office
  • Six Sigma
  • Corporate culture and organisational behaviour
  • Project management leadership

The course will utilise case studies and examples from companies to help students sharpen their project management skills to recognise and implement an environment that supports success.

First, we will cover the basic organisational and leadership elements required to provide a successful environment for all projects to succeed.

Second, we will cover the necessary organisational support structures and methods that enable project management and project managers to deliver results to the business and to the customers they serve.

Finally, we will explore the challenges of specific types of projects such as projects in crisis, global projects and managing a portfolio. This course is part of the RIT Project Management MicroMasters® Programme that is designed to teach the importance of the organisational and leadership characteristics for the success of projects.

In order to qualify for the MicroMasters® Credential, you will need to earn a verified certificate in each of the three courses as well as pass a capstone exam.

This course is part of the Project Management MicroMasters® Programme, offered through the edX® platform.

Associated Programmes:
MicroMasters® Programme: Project Management

Successful completion of or understanding of concepts from PM9001x.

The Project Management MicroMasters® Programme is comprised of the following courses:

Project Management Life Cycle
Learn how to apply project management tools, processes, and techniques for the successful execution of a project from initiation to closing.
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Best Practices for Project Management Success
Learn how to create an organizational environment that supports project success.
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International Project Management
Learn what makes global projects uniquely challenging and how to successfully manage projects based in different industries and countries.
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Project Management MicroMasters Capstone Exam
Demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired in the Project Management MicroMasters program, and prepare for graduate level program options at RIT.
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  • How to achieve success in project management.
  • Best practices in organisational and leadership characteristics.
  • How to overcome challenges of specific types of projects.