Cybersecurity Fundamentals

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Learn cybersecurity fundamentals, including how to detect threats, protect systems and networks, and anticipate potential cyber-attacks.

In this introduction to the field of computing security, you will be given an extensive overview of the various branches of computing security.

You will learn cybersecurity concepts, issues, and tools that are critical in solving problems in the computing security domain.

You will have opportunities to learn essential techniques in protecting systems and network infrastructures, analysing and monitoring potential threats and attacks, devising and implementing security solutions for organisations large or small.

This offering is part of the RITx Cybersecurity MicroMasters® Programme that prepares students to enter and advance in the field of computing security. This course is part of a MicroMasters® programme.

If you complete all courses in the MicroMasters® programme in 2018, GE will guarantee you an interview in Boston for an internship or full-time role. Open to Massachusetts residents only. This course is part of the Cybersecurity MicroMasters® Programme, offered through the edX® platform.

Associated Programmes:
MicroMasters® Programme: Cybersecurity

This course forms part of the Cybersecurity MicroMasters® Programme which, includes the following courses:

Cybersecurity Fundamentals
Learn cybersecurity fundamentals, including how to detect threats, protect systems and networks, and anticipate potential cyber attacks.
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Cybersecurity Risk Management
Learn key principles of risk analysis, risk assessment and risk mitigation for information security using both qualitative and quantitative methodologies.
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Computer Forensics
Learn the process, techniques and tools for performing a digital forensics investigation to obtain data related to computer crimes.
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Network Security
Learn the process of network security, including intrusion detection, evidence collection, network auditing, and contingency planning against attacks.
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Cybersecurity Capstone
Demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired in the Cybersecurity MicroMasters Program.
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  • Start Date
    19 March 2019
  • Programme duration
    8 weeks
  • Estimated effort
    6 - 8 hours per week
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Start Dates
  • Network and system administration fundamentals
  • Information assurance fundamentals such as confidentiality, integrity and availability, etc
  • Basic cryptography concepts

Course Syllabus

  • Unit 0: Getting Started
  • Unit 1: Computing Security Concepts and Problems 1
  • Unit 2: Computing Security Concepts and Problems 2
  • Unit 3: Cryptography
  • Unit 4: Networking 1
  • Unit 5: Networking 2
  • Unit 6: Systems Administration
  • Unit 7: Detection and Prevention
  • Unit 8: Malware and Forensics
  • Unit 9: Conclusion