Social Media Marketing

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Gain a solid grounding in social media marketing by getting hands-on with a range of tools, platforms, and best practices. The leading benefits of online learning are time-flexibility, convenience and the ability to study anywhere in the world. Occasionally it can also feel a little lonely and impersonal, especially when compared to the magical moments and interpersonal connections that happen in real-life classrooms. Learning is most beneficial when it’s fun and engaging, and our on-campus experience proves the huge contribution that uniquely human connections add. So we transformed our online platform into a ‘virtual classroom’ learning experience (differentiating us from our competitors) by weaving frequent interactions with real humans into our online offering - be it operational support , input from academic staff and industry gurus, or connections with fellow students. 

  • Institution
    Red & Yellow Creative School of Business
  • Course Duration
    10 weeks
  • Language
  • Estimated Effort
    8 - 10 Hours / Week
  • Modules
    8 modules
Start Dates
  • Upgrade your knowledge and skills through highly practical coursework
  • Consolidate or enhance your existing social media knowledge
  • Understand the potential social media holds for personal branding
  • Learn how to implement social advertising campaigns
  • Know how to use all major platforms, including Instagram, for your brand
  • Develop content for your brand and create a content calendar
  • Use social media to gain business intelligence and develop loyal fans
  • Learn how to manage communities and use social media for customer
  • Know how to measure and optimise your efforts using data analytics

How it unfolds…The first week is dedicated to orientation. You’ll get to familiarise yourself with the online learning platform (virtual classroom), understand how everything works, meet the humans that’ll support you during this upskilling process. Then from the next week, you’ll start delving into the modules.


1. Introduction to Social Media:

•    Explain how social media integrates with other channels
•    Justify the need for social media for your business
•    List the business objectives social media can help you to achieve


2. Strategy and Planning:

•    Write SMART marketing objectives
•    Select platforms
•    List diŒerences between major platforms
•    Optimise brand presence


3. Implementation: Content (over 2 weeks):

•    Explain content marketing
•    Create a content plan
•    Create optimised content for major social media platforms


4. Paid Advertising on Social Media (over 2 weeks):

•    State what kind of objectives can be pursued using social media advertising
•    Explain the objectives, ad types, and targeting options available on major social media platforms
•    Advertise on social media


5. Implementation: Community Relationship Management:

•    Create a community management strategy
•    Conduct reputation management strategies
•    Set up social media for customer service


6. Reporting and Analytics:

•    Draw on diŒerent methods of calculating social media ROI
•    Use analytics tools for major social media platforms
•    Report the right results to the right people
•    Optimise social media platforms for the best performance


7. Social Media  (platforms / strategy / advertising):

•    Learn the best ways to engage with audiences on the top social media platforms
•    Create a social media strategy
•    Create best-practice ads to be displayed on the top social media platforms


8. Optimising  (Data analytics / Conversion optimisation / Appendix):

•    Discover how to pick the right test for specific goals and purposes
•    Perform conversion optimisation step by step to improve marketing eŒorts
•    Understand the basics of how to approach Google Analytics and some other analytics platform



Weekly assignments build on each other (scaffold). Together with the final research project, the outcome will be a complete social media marketing strategy for your brand or business.  
(Voilà - you’ve gained an essential industry-relevant skill!)


Upon successful completion, participants will earn a highly respected Red & Yellow Certificate.


This course is perfect for anyone who needs to grow their business using social media marketing opportunities across digital channels.

  • People who want to gain an excellent grounding in social media marketing
  • Aspiring or current social media marketers, community managers, brand managers, customer service or PR executives, entrepreneurs and content marketers
  • Digital marketers who want a professional understanding of social media marketing techniques and global bestpractice principles
  • Marketers who aim to increase brand awareness, sales and conversions through professional social media marketing
  • Anyone who wants to promote their brand more effectively online

Meet Student Advisors

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