States and markets in the global economy

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Learn to predict financial crises, handle unfair trade practices and minimise risks when investing in emerging economies. In this business and management course you will learn management techniques to operate in an international economy presented with tremendous opportunities as well as risks.

Globalisation has dramatically expanded opportunities for international trade, investment and economic development. At the same time, global managers are facing the prospect of trade wars, international financial crises and intensified competition over markets and resources. International organisations such as the International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organisation and World Bank Group have a direct impact on international business operations.

This course develops analytical tools for understanding the rapidly changing and dynamic global economy. With these tools, you will be better prepared to anticipate the risks and take advantage of the opportunities you will encounter in the global business environment.

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States and Markets in the Global Economy
Learn to predict financial crises, handle unfair trade practices and minimise risks when investing in emerging economies.
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  • Start Date
    14 May 2019
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    6 weeks
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    10 to 12 hours per week
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  • The ability to predict financial crises in foreign markets, and to take advantage of opportunities resulting from such crises
  • How to avoid trade disputes, and to deal with unfair trade practices
  • The ability to win government support and maintain good public relations when investing in emerging countries